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BES, patent schemes and other tax incentives

BES relief
Currently, cash flow is very tight for most organisations and many companies are struggling to move on to the next growth phase.  BES funding may therefore assist in filling the financing gaps that companies are experiencing.  The BES legislation is extremely complex and great care needs to be taken to ensure all the qualifying conditions are met.

Our services include: 
  • Determining if a company is a “qualifying company” and carries on a “qualifying trade”

  • Working with companies to seek certification from the appropriate government agency

  • Liasing with legal advisors to review appropriate legal documentation

  • Ensuring the exit strategy for investors is clear and tax efficient.  
Patent schemes
We work with companies that develop and register patents to ensure that the relevant legislative tax provisions are met, in particular to ensure that: 
  • Tax exemption is available for patent income received by patent holding company from the company to whom a license is granted 

  • Patent distributions made by the patent holding company to its shareholders following receipt of patent royalties are tax exempt.
Many groups have patent schemes in place for a number of years and we also undertake post implementation health checks to ensure that the attractive tax incentive is not jeopardised by events post implementation.  This is a very worthwhile exercise for clients due to the value of the tax exemption in their overall strategy to create wealth. 
Property incentives
Marie Bradley is the joint author of the Institute of Taxation publication, “Capital Allowances and Property Incentives”. She has worked on a number of tax based property transactions.  BT Consulting advises owners and investors in commercial properties on how best to isolate the capital expenditure on plant and machinery to maximise the amount that qualifies for capital allowances.