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Irish inward and foreign outbound investment

BT Consulting advises foreign companies investing in Ireland and Irish companies expanding abroad.  The practice works with foreign advisors in the EU, US and around the globe to assist multinational groups construct effective cross-border strategies and manage their global structural tax rate.  We offer expert advice in the following areas:   
  • Setting up operations in Ireland to qualify for the 12.5% rate of corporation tax

  • The merits of using Ireland as an intermediate or ultimate (inversion) holding company location

  • Developing and implementing cross-border financing solutions that provided tax efficient financing arrangements for multinational groups 

  • Managing tax issues around ownership of intellectual property and intangible assets and migration of intellectual property in and out of Ireland

  • Inbound and outbound structuring including tax planning on cross border investment into and out of particular jurisdictions

  • Restructuring of group companies following acquisitions, disposals or reorganisations

  • Developing strategies to repatriate profits to and from Ireland

  • Dealing with employee tax matters including expatriates relocating to Ireland or Irish individuals going on secondment to foreign locations. 

We can also advise on remuneration tax planning, preparation of personal tax returns for executives and expatriates and provide tax advice to companies and departing employees in the event of downsizing.

We recognise the importance of working with clients and their local and foreign advisors around the world to co-ordinate and manage Irish and international tax issues.  This skill is critical in the provision of tax services to multinationals.